The Bob Vinard Gathering

A lot of people (60+) gathered at the Leinster to hear some remarkable tributes to Bob. Pity he missed it, he would have been genuinely gobsmacked. Some fine music played too, with a mixture of Showbiz Club stalwarts and jam session regulars.  A number of people have commented on the Newsletter site or the Jammers Facebook Page

A couple of comments to the Newsletter:

I knew Bob through my bookshop. Bob was insatiable for knowledge, of health, and of the next life. We used to sit outside on the council bench, and he would allow me to enjoy the secondhand smoke while I explained to him why he shouldn’t buy a particular book.

I used to give him shit, and he to me, as only people comfortable in their own skins can be.

He loved music, and he loved People. He would flirt with any pretty young lady who crossed my door.

Tonight I rang his home, because I had something for him, and asked if it were too late to pass a message onto Bob ( It was 7pm ).

It was.

I am raising a glass of vodka to Valhalla, and toasting a dear friend

Vale Bob

David Syber

I went to the last Jammers with a little xmas present for Bob. It was a photo of him and myself he carried around with him. Everytime I saw him he would say I have this lovely photo of you and I Lisette Ill show you. He was to make me a copy and I could see after the mmm… 10th time that it was never going to happen and the photo was beginning to wear. So I asked him would he like me to do it. So I did. Had it enlarged and framed it for him. But he was’nt there. I very much admired him as a piano player he knew all the cliche licks and runs, so much knowledge of jazz which he was going to teach me. He was very kind and encouraging. Will be missed by all of us.



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