Coming Up at The Gold Street Gossip Shop

Well, that was Christmas done and dusted for another year. We have packed up the fairy at the top of the Christmas tree, stuffed the decorations back in their box, polished off too many mince pies, and a moderate amount of social lubricant, and promised ourselves we will be a bit more sensible next year: which we won’t.

So… what next? Well, if you have any sense at all, you will get out in the sun, enjoy a bit of exercise, maybe hit the beach, and eat sensibly for a while. For the other 99.5%, why not consider strolling down to the Gold Street Gossip Shop, and leaping into a Jam session or two.

We are back into it this Sunday 17th January from 4.00pm onwards. The Captain has promised to trot out a few new toons. Only the cock ups will remain the same..

If you haven’t been to a Jam Session for a while, just wander in and greet Col warmly. He won’t remember your name. Hold up your saxaphone and announce that you play the violin or something, maybe announce the name of an entirely fictitious Wayne Shorter tune, express surprise that he needs a chart for that one, mention that you heard about the Jam in the Grocery Wholesalers Weekly, etc. By this stage he will be so confused, he will find playing in 7/8 with no chart a breeze by comparison.

Another first.

See ya there?

Melbourne Jazz Jammers Jam Session:The Leinster Arms Hotel, Gold Street, Collingwood, this Sunday 4.00pm – 8,00pm.

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