Some reflections on where we went wrong in 2015, and some Aims for 2016…

Where did we go wrong? Almost everywhere, that is what Jam Sessions are for.. a little healthy bar dropping, a touch of polyphony (hah!) and almost everything sung, swung and warbled out of tune, all washed down with a cooling draught and some scurrilous gossip. Sunday arvo as it should be.

Highlights of the year?
34 musos playing at the Captain’s 70th birthday. This was the biggest Jam of the year, but we regularly went over 25 musos, and the standard of music grew disturbingly high on occasion. We can fix it…

Some hot sets by Clarke, Clark, Ish and Allen, Yarosh, and a bunch of others. Al Herman (trombone, US) a standout – didn’t mind slumming it with the rest of us, and never batted an eyelid. A whole bunch of new musos (as well as the regulars) fronting at the Jams – I haven’t counted how many, but the e-mail list keeps growing.

A great weekend at Wangaratta. If you can get to the next one, do it – you are guaranteed an “off-Festival” spot – this year we played at the Bull’s Head, and the Craft Market. Fabuloso.

A huge weekend at Castlemaine: performances by a lot of regular jammers, some former jammers, and 275 musos in all. Registrations should open in January. And around 20 of the 55 volunteers last year came from the Jammers ranks..Thank you, thank you.

Some great nights at the Laika Bar (and some pretty quiet ones…) Kind of miss grumpy Boris, you never knew if you were going to get paid or fired with slightly extreme prejudice. I can remember over 30 different musos from the Jam sessions getting a spot – and more to come.

Aims for 2016

· Stay disorganised

· Play a whole session of be-bop tunes, but only if Colonel T isn’t there

· Finish Little Sunflower in less than 15 minutes. Roundup works well.

· Cut down Miles Davis Four to Three (economy drive)

· Have a whole session without Autumn Leaves or Summertime. Nah, that’s not going to happen..

· Have fun. Yup.

And finally, the Newsletter. Always fun to write, and I hope we have insulted every body equally, or preferably not at all.

Thanks particularly to the ‘steemed editor. Can I have pay rise, grovel, grovel?

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