Christmas is Coming: The Jammers Pre-Christmas Luncheon and Jam Session Deluxe is at the Leinster Arms on the 13th December – be there!

Yup, the Annual debacle is on again this weekend. This is a sort of celebration of all the things the Jammers have done in the last year -around 100 musos turning up, around thirty peeps playing at the Laika, some great jam sessions and some truly awful ones, Gentleman JC an institution at the Grand, Il Duce accidentally playing without a rock beat (he has promised it won’t happen again), Chrissie and the band scoring some nice gigs, Ivan the Terrible turning out to be as good at swinging it as he is at classical, the Captain putting in a great set at the Church Fete, Steve getting his groove on the drums, the sublime Ade and Chelsea lifting the tone, Sir Roger De Coverley’s distant relative playing some great sax, the Haircut getting conned into being President of the Castlemaine Jazz Festival, and making a pretty good fist of it, a whole bunch of newcomers having a dip and loving it.

The general plan is to get there at Noon, massacre a few standards and stop for lunch at 1.00. Serious music mangling will resume at about 2.00pm, and we will keep going until the pub runs out of beer, the Captain calls fours correctly, or Colonel T refuses to play a Coltrane tune, whichever comes first.

Could be a long night…

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