Christmas is Coming: The Jammers Pre-Christmas Luncheon and Jam Session Deluxe is on the 13th December – be there!

When wasn’t CHristmas coming, I wonder… anyhoo, it is that time of year again, and the Melbourne Jazz Jammers annual Christmas bash will be happening on December 13th. It is rather hoped that a few of the regulars will turn up for lunch at 1.00pm, and stuff themselves sufficiently full that they are unable to get up and leave in haste, when the music starts at 2.00pm. We should fall over from exhaustion around 6.00pm.

The entire debacle will take place in the Atrium, at the Leinster Arms, and Glen is hoping to be able to open the doors onto the street, so we should manage a bit of tempo disturb de neighbours

If you haven’t been to the pre-Christmas Bash before, this is the one time of the Year when a whole bunch of Jammers get together, tell exaggerated stories of past deeds and play some extremely raucous music, possibly quite badly, although the last couple of years have seen some great music played. The Good Captain, as ever, will disorganise the entire bash, and the rest of us will insist on everyone getting up to play – even if this is the only Jam Session of the year that you attend. We even had one long time Jammer fly down from Newcastle for the event last year, although if you know Newcastle well, you will probably understand why..

Stick it in ya Diary!

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