The Wangaratta Wash Out

By Saturday Lunchtime, the last of the Jammers had assembled en masse, full ready for a weekend of ballad mangling. Friday night at the Bulls Head had been a quietish affair, but after Sevil had pranced across the Faithfull Street Stage, we all fired up at the pub for a great night in front of a full house. Even POCKOTL was there.

And then backed up for a 9.00am start at the Craft Market, Doug and meself sitting in with Ash’s band, before another sparkling little set by Sevil in front of a large crowd – the Doublier managing to play drums and shoot a major IPhone movie at the same time, Keef and the Captain on massed saxaphones.

We knocked off at noon, well knackered, and repaired to the Faithfull Street stage for some light refreshments.

And then it all went tits up and pear shaped – with thunderstorms rolling in just before the Ish Allen Project were due to perform. Heaviest rain I have ever seen. Rescued some bedraggled and rueful musos, dragged them back to the Bull and spent the next hour and a half listening to a great impromptu performance in front of another full house.


Followed by another Captain Chaos led session which ended with Sevil and EeShan Pang (trumpet) on an elegantly restrained version of Billy Preston’s You are so Beautiful

A great weekend – thanks to the Captain, the Doug, Keef, Ben the Banker, Chelsea, Ade, Paul Bonnington, Jon McGill, EeShan, Sevil, the Doublier, Kev, Mark at the B’s H who let us get away with it, and particularly Ash, who could give CC a fair run in the Chaos department any day.

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