The Sunday Jam and The Captain Chaos Chronicles… continued

It is surprisingly hard to hear the jazz jam from Brisbane, which is where I was for the weekend. I am indebted to Captain Chaos for a reliable report of this week’s debacle – not that it was a debacle, it was by all accounts, singularly spiffin’

The ageing Captain (see below) reports as follows:

Sunday at the Leinster Arms

The jam kicked off with a lone saxophonist, Doug K on Bass, John C on Keys and newcomer Alan Richards on drums. Taariq joined in on guitar and much later on bass. David Lole took over from JC and the sax section was reinforced by John Callamatta and another newcomer, Julian. Gary relieved Doug on bass. Don took a turn on keys and Alex on drums. Ben Stewart and Alex Yarosh joined in on guitar and Ivan played bass. Peter Cole and Keith Hughes added to the reeds and Igor added to the drums. Sam Izzo played a cameo on keys..Vocals were supplied by Kevin Rolfe, Debbie Woodroffe and Maria. Christine and Bruce arrived late to keep the vibe moving along.

A surprise visitor was a bearded Buddy Love who has recently moved to Queensland.

This Sunday, the jam will be somewhat augmented by the celebration of the Venerable Captain turning 70. Drop in and say g’day!

…and stick to the black notes, they are cheaper.

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