The Gold Street Sheltered Workshop for Indigent Musos

We have never quite managed to work out what makes a jam session “tick” And even if we could, we probably wouldn’t, on the basis that there is always another perfectly good jazz toon waiting to be mangled beyond recognition.

Whatever, this one was an absolute peach. Took a bit of time to come to the boil, but when wasn’t that the case? Once we had a drummer slotted in, and Ivan the terrible had unwrapped and tweaked his basso profundo, this was as good a session as we can remember (admittedly we prefer not to remember too much these days) – a smaller roll call than the last few weeks, but class all the way.

The opening stanza bubbled along, with a welcome return by trumpeter Peter Dann, a desperate attempt (unsuccessful) at a latin beat by meself on drums failing to disrupt the debonair JC, tickler of ivories to the gentry, and a bit of a reed lick by the Captain and Tony. Mr Hirsh esq. was cajoled into taking over the percussion department. Things livened up with Ribdig De Feene (she asked me to spell her name right, what was she thinking) trotting out Some Other Time, and then Besame Mucho sung in Spanish, which finished in an extended drum solo by the Hirsh, possibly also in Spanish, defying all attempts by Keef to join in.

Taleb took over on drums, followed by Il Duce, I think, and Jason Chalmers wandered in and blew up a storm, but in a good way, and by the time we got to Mercy Mercy Mercy, the joint was jumping fit to bust, and even the 21st Birthday party in the Atrrium (Glen’s spelling, so it must be right) wandered in to enjoy the chaos. Kids these days!

There followed some mighty fine keyboard work by David Lol, the ever smooth Alex Jarosh on guitar, in walked Cardinal Pell, the Izzo and a coupla others before I left, well surprised at what fun it had been. They could be going hard at it still.

And if you are at a loose end next Sunday, will we see you at the Gold Street Sheltered Workshop for Indigent Musicians for the next one?

The Sunday Jam, every week at the Leinster Arms, Gold Street, Colliwobble, from 4.00pm until we knock off around 7.30.


  1. Now I’ve read it, I get your comment from yesterday but a name is precious and although cute to spell it wrong (I’m very used to it) but in this case VERY wrong, at least put the correct spelling somewhere to enable people who were not there to know who you are talking about. As always, yesterday was terrific fun and SO many people – delightful.


  2. Aha! Now I get your comment regarding spelling from yesterday. Cute but no cigar.
    People, if you want to know Ribdig De Feene is myself, Brigid DeNeefe. The noisy DIVA!!
    Always an absolute pleasure to play / sing music with such a lovely gathering of talented people. Correct spelling or not ha ha. I’m looking forward to the next one.


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