The Jam Sessions: People are not taking this seriously…

I really thought I might get there early, but as usual, spent too much time thinking about it and turned up fashionably late… and as per the previous week, there seemed to be an awful lot of people in the room, some, admittedly, more awful than others.

The Lunatic Soup Lounge is a strange venue in many ways, and one cannot really be sure what attracts people to turn up and play jazz – clearly a lot of the newcomers have yet to develop the deep appreciation of the total unmitigated cock up that is at the heart of the jam sessions – yet again there were some rather good musicians throwing their metaphorical hat into the ring – and we are in real danger of playing some good music. If we do that, what would be the point of turning up the next week – there is nothing as predictable and dull as getting things right, unless you include Littel Sunflower, which, mercifully we did not, this week at least.

Maintaining a low standard has worked for the last 24 years, why change things now?

Amongst those not striving for an abysmally low standard of excellence were:

Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Horse (well, he strive a bit) , Gentleman John Curtis, Calamatta the red beret, Alex Jarosh (good grief, has it come to this?) Bridgette De Neef, Talev the drummer, Ivan the terrible, Doug Haircut kuhn, Sebastian, Keelie, Noel the saxflutophonist, Mr Hirsh esq. on drums, Peter, Charles, Don the keys, Gerald drums/piano and ponytail, Vincent bleedin’ good on bass, Anton, and the inscrutable Chico on guitar… plus a bunch of others too horrible to mention.

Captain Chaos was so organised he has gone to China for a few days to recover, and some of us will be in Castlemaine. Luckily, the Debonair Mr Curtis will be leading the choir this week – if he gets too posh, just ask him to play Mas Que Nada

Drop by and contribute to the weekly debacle – you know it makes sense…

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