From Anne Smith

Ahoy and ahaarrrrgh mateys! T’is I , disabled sea person Annie Smithers sailing the high (and low) seas along the north coast of Borneo. Hortense and I are having a hale of a time…. Well more of a crocodile of a time really but haven’t seen any of hose either ….. Except in a wildlife reserve pen!!! They keep telling me”you can’t swim here. There’s crocodiles!” I think they’re just trying trying to avoid me getting out in a swimsuit and baring too much flesh. Hortense is a devout naturist which makes things worse. Speaking of flesh. I was hoping to be head hunted here for an extended tour of ritzy resorts but alas and alack I haven’t been discovered …..yet??!! I could go on about the ups and downs of life at sea but suffice to say Hortense and I are often hot and sticky and rolling in it (the sea that is!) It makes for a nice change for a couple of old flappers like us! So I’ll be seeing you all in September if I haven’t been keel hauled. Hope the winds down there are fair and not foul. That’s another thing. You should try living in close quarters with H for a month… especially when she gets on the port in port. She’ll drink almost anything in a storm. I have traded my penchant for vino and now live on a steady diet of cheap beer and muesli. Ah …the glamour of it all!!! Keep warm LOL  DS Annie Smithers Oyyyyeee aaaaaaarrrrrrrrhhhhhh!

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