Jam Session gets hot:

It was with some pleasure, and a wet winter wind whipping round my ears, that I stumbled upon Ye Traditional Jamme Session, already in full swing – not literally of course, because they were playing a 12/8 rock beat, in defiance of the laws of Mathematics, probably.

And quite a jumble of jazz musos there was: the usual culprits, a couple of in-patients on day release, some confused passers by and several people masquerading as musicians, and…

The Captain, Tony and Calamatta on sax, Chico on guitar, Kevin and then Rachel Camarino (check out her photo on Facebook) singing, The Debonair JC, John and Don on keys, Colonel T (retd) of the Fourth Light Punjab Cavalry on everything, Piers, Alex, and Glen on percussion – including the new snare drum, which made all their mistakes sound better. I can’t quite remember who played bass, other than Carlton, for whom too many notes is never enough – great to see him back. There were others, but I wasn’t paying attention. They were quite possibly brilliant.

Highlight of the afternoon was the rendition of The Flintstones Theme Tune (Captain Chaos called that one in a rare moment of sanity), whilst the audience engaged in dark gossip and toe tapping in the back bar.

One of the better jam sessions: it got hotter as the evening wore on. If you haven’t been for a while, drop in and blow the tits off ya fave toon.:

Enthusiasm essential, charts a bonus, performance anxiety optional, and competence to be well concealed as a kindness to others…

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