A letter from Cora Trout

At the time of writing, there has been  little movement at the station, and not a lot of words going round, for quite a while. Miss Madge of Altona,(you should be so lucky)  has elected to take her annual mid winter break in Charters Towers, there being no airline sufficiently equipped to take her further than that. It is to be hoped she will return suitably refreshed, but livid with regard to the Duty Free situation, which will not be operating in her favour.

It is some time since Madge attended a Gold Street Gossip Shop soiree.  Which probably explains why they have been going so well of late.

Of Hortense, the less said the better She, too, has been away, and I understand the Altona West Litter Bin Renewal Project has been coming along in leaps and bounds, whilst the more buffed members of the Refinery Fire Brigade have taken to polishing their splendid red pumping unit, there being no cause for call out since.

But I digress. Mr Woollan advises me that he has been otherwise engaged, and is “missing the jam sessions terribly” .or was it ” missing the terrible jam sessions”?

Best turn up next Sunday, whilst the going is good!

Best wishes

Cora Trout

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