The Lunatic Soup Lounge Sessions roll on,

Last week, Doug, The Captain and meself swanned off to Castlemaine for a lively jam with Ade Ish, Chelsea Allen, Kirsten Boerema and the usual lunatics. Did anything happen at the Gold Street Gossip Shop? Did any one bring a chart, did anyone read it, did it all end in a magnificent shambles way past my bedtime, was Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Horse (retd) still stuck up a Spanish Mountain, were there any Merchant Bankers there?

The answers are as follows:

· Yes, something did happen at the Gold Street Gossip Shop. Society is to blame

· Possibly, someone did bring a chart. It was probably unrecognisable by half the musos there, unreadable by another half of the musos there. And the other half can’t count so it didn’t matter anyway.

· Yes someone did read the chart. Toothless Ernie of the polished pate in the front bar. He spotted 12/8 on the first line, considered these to be reasonable odds, at least where the Doomben Donkey Trots are concerned, and can now afford to drink somewhere else. Thank you.

· Yes, of course it all ended in a magnificent shambles. It probably started out that way, and why would you want to change anything.

· Yes Colonel T etc.etc. was stuck up a mountain. Regularly. But I understand he has since come back down, clutching seventeen new instruments all of which he can now play with his customary facility. Welcome back Mr T, we missed you!

· Yes, there was a Merchant Banker there, and we are deeply indebted for his record of the event (see below). This factual account may seem rather dry to you, but JC assures me it most Merchant Bankers would find it hysterical

None of which tells you what happened. Gentleman JC to the rescue, advises as follows:

Good roll-up at the Leinster on Sunday – vocalists (Kaitlyn Fearne, Louise Love, Christina Manetta), guitarists (Chico, Ray Hood, Taariq), bassists (Ivan Sultanoff, Anthony Pell, Sam Heeley, Anton Tobim, Chico’s mate/brother), trumpeter (he comes in sporadically and likes Miles Davis), saxophonists (Tony Wharton, Keith Hughes, John Calamatta), drummers (Chris, Glenn, Taariq, Bruce) and pianists (Taariq and I). Taariq obviously was quite versatile. And Marg came along to listen. I’m sure I missed a few.

Sounds good, wish I had been there!


  1. The “Trumpeter who comes in sporadically and likes Miles Davis” – otherwise known as Tim Cooper. Yes, absolutely I do (both), and we played A”ll Blues” and “Milestones”. I also played the Alto on the day, so could have appeared amongst the Sax section too, but not quite a Taariq.


  2. The sporadic trumpeter who likes Miles Davis, yes indeed, it was me, Tim Cooper, but I like Charles Parker too.


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