The Leinster gets a little crowded…

July already! You can never tell, and in Hortense’s case probably wouldn’t, but every now and then the Jam session goes through a quiet sea change – for the last couple of weeks, new faces having been popping up all over the place, mainly singers, bass players and saxophonists. Which is always a bit of a risk, because they tend to come attached to the idea that we might be playing music, possibly of the jazz persuasion, and assuming that someone is in charge, when in truth we are just counting up to four and a half and then following the Captain through his unique variations on whatever obscure tune has taken his fancy.

Chaos has been at the wallpaper all week, or the floorboards or something, doing a bit of renovating – inspired, quite possibly, by watching a surfeit of Masterchef and realising that home renovation is a more feasible career change than stuffing the left nostril of an Albanian quail with a variety of spices, herbs and mince before flambe-ing the whole thing in burdock juice, or whatever they have to do to stay famous these days. faces. Yes, well there were a couple of interesting singers turned up: Caitlin and Elise, very different but both entertaining, a drummer from RSA called Francois and an enthusiastic bass player, Gary, who probably played for about three hours without a break. Until relieved by Sam(?) on finest double bass. Along with the usual suspects of course, this all made for a fine afternoon’s entertainment, although the lack of piano players was a bit limiting. Props to Bob for taking over when he could, and to Keef for doing the e-mail thing on my behalf. Some, or all will turn up again.

This week sees the duds all going up to Castlemaine, so the jam will be either dismal or magnificent. Either way, next week’s review may be a load of fictional poppycock in the finest traditions of the Newsletter. At least this week’s isn’t fictional.

Stick to the black notes, chaps, they are economically superior.

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