From Taariq

I am back in Granada,Spain & it is hot down here(35 C.). I am  back after climbing the highest mountain in Europe outside of the European Alps and the Caucasus. Mulhathen (moolhussan )peak is just short of 3500 M & it is the highest peak in mainland Spain.It is in the Sierra Nevada range. . It was very steep,rocky ,slippery , very tough b.c . of the high altitude\oxygen shortage and it was very cold. We had to leg it back down the mountain pronto b.c a storm rolled in . It began to hail & rain , it snowed on the high ridges and there was thunder and lightning which is scary when you are above the treeline because there is more of a risk of being struck by lightning up there. . I am glad I  took  all my  trekking attire.I was  equipped for all weather. That was  yesterday . On Tues.  we  climbed  Picos El Pulpito(The  Pulpit peak  2890 M.)  as a  warm up  and a  chance to acclimatize.On Tues. night  we slept  at the  hike in only   refuge hut at  2500 M.  which  was like a  communal user pays   hostal cum chalet with all   mod. con.s ,situated   on the  lower  slopes  of the  Mulhacen  peak,  way above the  treeline .
I feel  good  having  done such a  big  trek & climb  ( 17  km on Tues. and  17  kms  yesterday  plus the  ascents and  descents) The  group and esp.  the  guide,( a very  fit  Spanish  woman  who knows the  mountains well ),  were  generally   good   people to  walk \ climb   with.
I  am  flying  to  London  tomorrow and  then taking the  train to
Stratford upon  avon.

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