The Jam Sessions

I have neglected to check whether the Leinster Arms has burnt down in the two weeks since the last Jam Session, but I am unreliably informed that there is no trail of destruction running from Altona West to the Colliwobble, so it is safe to assume the keys to the Altona West Buslines 33 seat charabanc remain safely locked away; and the mouldering pile still stands..

Hortense, on the other hand, has recently acquired a smartphone and alternates between ordering carloads of unsuspecting GST non compliant drivers and swiping her Tinder app (she has tilt control set permanently to the right), but to little effect. Poor Hortense isn’t seen out much these days, preferring to stay in a darkened room with only her latest stuffed Parakeet for company. Hortense only got it stuffed the other day,

But I digress: the Jam Sessions are back in full swing, everyone who went to Castlemaine is going to turn up and exaggerate, and strong drinks and a lie – down are called for.

Society is to blame.

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