The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: less than three weeks to go…

Next week sees a bunch of us toddle up the road to Castlemaine, to set up a jazz festival. You may have heard of it. You may even be playing in it. Or you may, sesnibly, have opted for the easy option, which entails sitting in either a pub, restaurant, steam train, food barn, artist’s colony or Gaol, and eating and drinking too much whilst the musicians plead with the Stage Managers to let them play just one more song…

The Master Classes
Bob Sedergreen will be giving two master classes, at 12 pm and 3pm on Saturday 6th. His theme is Constructing a Jazz Solo, and the classes are open to anyone with a Festival Pass, and free to School Students. We already know quite a few high school students will be attending, and they will all get a free pass to the rest of the day’s programme in all eight venues.

The Master Classes will be held at the Old Castlemaine Gaol which is a fabulous venue, and you can catch a performance either side of each class.

Castlemaine Gets Invaded
The New South Welshmen arrive on Thursday, the Queenslanders arrive on Friday, and the South Australians will be half an hour late.

The Website
Gets new stuff every day. Go on, click on it to see what hat John Hannah is wearing, and what sort of car he is leaning on, and where, and why this has almost nothing to do with the Jazz Festival.

Then post the link to your Facebook, invite your friends, go crazy if you must.

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