Apparently . . .

Apparently there was a Jam Session at the Gold Street Gossip Shop. It quite got in the way of POCKOTL’s social catch up, what with various peeps masquerading as musos and making noise whilst claiming it to be music . . .

Had the somewhat reclusive Hortense been there, and she may well have been, in a backgroundy sort of fade-to-black kind of way, lips of string could have been the order of the day. People enjoying themselves in the middle of the afternoon… whatever next? But… apparently the magnificently coiffed POCKOTL was taking notes in between furtive slurps of Cyprus Sherry or whatever.

“mmm, was only there a coupla hours, but there was Chrissy doing Fever and a couple more, and Bruce on drums, Annie S letting it rip, Bobbie, Peter on sax, who filled in as third lieutenant in getting players and singers up…

Taariq, the French guy on double bass who also sat in on drums..quite well I thought…the irrepressible Debbie..

the other Peter the Piano player…another double bass player….

and me and the lovely Grace sharing a drink or two just past the bar.

Sending you a clip of Chrissy singing so you may pick out some more rabble in the crowd…….

…sorry, I should have paid more attention to the music instead of yarning………..”

Apart from the reference to Debbie, who can be quite pressible when the mood takes her, that would seem to be an accurate description of the afternoon’s shenanigans. There is a reference to a Youtube clip, which has been despatched to the Jammers Facebook site, POCKOTL clearly lacking any desire to protect the guilty.

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