From Jan & Noel Blake

Hello everyone
It’s often said “do you want the good news first, or the bad news” ?

Ok ….I will tell you the good news  first …..
May 8th we are pleased to report we will be donating the entire proceeds to the Isabella and Marcus Fund, medical research Fund for DIPG ..Incurable Paediatric Brain Stem Cancer .(pop on their website or Facebook page )……many thanks to the muso’s who are donating their time and talents that evening !

Now the BAD NEWS ….sadly after 13years plus ,May 8th will be our last Jazz on Main !

Yes we are closing !!!!!!  😦
Noel and myself want to thankyou so much for your support over the years ! We will miss you !!! A big thankyou to the talented muso’s who have graced our stage…there would have been no Jazz on Main without you!
May 8th will therefore be a celebration with 4 bands playing this evening !
Thanks to ‘Easy Street Jazz’, ‘Bailey Beat ‘ ‘Jazz Notes’ and ‘Blue Tango’ and guests for playing at our last Hurrah !! (and Lachlan Blake will play a few tunes as well :))

We hope to conclude with a jam session too!
Hope you can make our finale !!

Best regards

Jan and Noel Blake x

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