The Gold Street Gossip Shop puts on a good one . . .

Captain Chaos, who was playing a gig last Sunday, won’t believe it, but a goodly lot of jammers turned up and they all played nicely in his absence. As someone remarked, it was all a little less chaotic ā€“ if this is true, we must really try harder…

So, Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Horse was there, and played some blisteringly good guitar solos. Ben The Banker was there and played some sweet guitar, Sebastien was there and forgot to drum loudly or lose the the beat; Doug Haircut Kuhn held sway on his stick thin bass, Ivan turned up without his bass, and Dave Taylor turned up with his. Not many singers at first, but some fine trumpet from Sumire, plenty of solos from Peter Cole, who seemed to enjoy the space, and some ace piano from Bob and then Don Fraser later on. The Hirsh played some sublime percussion.

Chris (tonsils) and Bruce (drums) contributed a fine set, most probably in the key of J# minor, which seems to be one of her favourite keys.

Eventually, the sun set, the evening turned cold and I wandered out well satisfied, whilst the lads were still in full swing. It is afternoons like this which make you want to come back the next week

Which we no doubt will…


The Bendigo Towers Legal Department have requested the following

This article may be copyright as we cannot remember who we pinched it from. Please feel free to copy it and publish it under your own name as we would rather they sued you than us.

This article may contain facts. We do not warranty any of these facts to be true. If you are allergic to facts, or in any way gullible, please stop reading this immediately. You may wish to apply for a position with the Herald Sun.

If you thought you were at the Jam Session, and we have not mentioned you it is either because you are so young, talented, and good looking that words fail us; or we forgot. Your choice.

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