The Castlemaine Jazz Festival

Band Registrations closed on Friday, and the final total would appear to be around 85. The Playing Schedule will be sent out to Band Leaders today, and tomorrow 98.4% will send an e-mail back asking for it to change. The following day we will be sending back an e-mail saying it is not possible without giving a band preferential treatment.

Just to clarify, the Organising Committee has decided to give all bands preferential treatment. Should be fun

The Committee inspected three new venues last Saturday

· Old Castlemaine Gaol, where we will be putting all the saxophonists for the weekend, (just kidding) which is a great venue capable of holding a big or small audience.

· The Food Garden: my personal favourite, close to the Cumberland, and it has a caravan in it (amongst other things!)

· The Five Flags Hotel: This one is 354.6 kilometres out of Castlemaine, and will require six cut lunches and a camel train should you travel out there. At least when arrive, it is a great venue, serves a rather decent beer, and has a good menu.

Master classes
As last year, the Castlemaine Jazz Festival is featuring a real musician – the incomparable Bob Sedergreen will be giving two master classes – free to Festival ticket holders. More details to come, but I am quite excited by this one.

A number of regular jammers have indicated they will be happy to volunteer for Box Office, Minibus, Door Manager and Sales Manager slots at the Festival … but nowhere near enough. Just drop us an e-mail or let us know at the Jam Sessions if you can do this – it involves a couple of sessions plus a free weekend pass.

As a regular Jammer, if you would like to be involved, you can start now by visiting the website ( ) and pasting a link to your own Facebook page – go on, we know you’ve got one – we will be using Radio and Print Media advertising, but your input on social media is the most effective marketing of all.

Posters, Flyers
If you can get some posters (A3 or A4) and flyers (A5) put up in your local Newsagents, Laundrette, Library, Remand Centre, School or University, drop us a line and we will get some sent out to you. E-mail your contact details to:

The Website
This is now being updated on almost a daily basis – so you have absolutely no reason to sit at your computer working when you could be browsing… more bands being featured, updates on the venues, the masterclasses, the steam train, the meaning of life, etc.etc.

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