The Castlemaine Jazz Festival

We now have close to 80 bands registered, and are deep into negotiations with The Castlemaine Gaol, The Five Flags, The Food Shed and just about anywhere else we can find that is suitable, to increase the number of venues. Which in turn means we will need more volunteers, all of whom can cunningly score a free Festival Pass (cost $80, but worth squillions) in return for a couple of sessions as a stage manager or doorkeeper.

Social Media

As a regular Jammer, if you would like to be involved, you can start now by visiting the website ( ) and pasting a link to your own Facebook page – go on, we know you’ve got one – we will be using Radio and Print Media advertising, but your input on social media is the most effective marketing of all.

Posters, Flyers

If you can get some posters (A3 or A4) and flyers (A5) put up in your local Newsagents, Laundrette, Library, Remand Centre, School or University, drop us a line and we will get some sent out to you. E-mail your contact details to:

The Bands are up

Check out the website – the first of the featured bands are, well, featured – are you one of them? You are if your name is Ann Craig, Sam Izzo, Sonia Davoine, Ruby Rogers, Stan Van Hooft etc.etc.

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