I wouldn’t have a clue

Sunday Arvo: Jolly Japes at the Juggernaut Arms

As I was in Castlemaine for the day, I can honestly say that I have no idea what was going on at the Leinster Arms last Sunday. It was is quite possible that no-one else had much of an idea either, in which case, normal service was maintained.

Gentleman John Curtis assures me , and I quote, that he was not all there either… or perhaps he just left early, I can’t remember. Whatevah, I am led to believe that Dave Taylor played bass, the Hirsh and Monsieur Sebastien played drums, Bob tickled the occasional ivory, Richard turned up late and played a bit, Ben Stevens got let out for a twang, and Is Don Is Good was there on guitar. Rachel Camerino rocked up for a bit of tonsil work, and Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Cavalry topped it all off in fine style.

The aforementioned Curtis assures me that Jazz was played, which just goes to show you can’t neglect these things for a week without it getting out of hand. Spiffin!

The Laika Bar: Ruby Rogers and the Didgeridoo.. whatever next?

The highly Gallic Sonia Davoine next… but I digress…

An exciteable Ruby Rogers leaped out of her stretch limo (at least 30m long, and so arrogant it drove her down the tram tracks), and launched into a highly entertaining set in front of a crowd that started sparse, but swelled pleasingly as the night wore on.

After a cameo from pianist Sam Izzo, the evening ended with Will Barton sitting in on Didgeridoo, for some entertaining somewhat free form jazz, at a level to which trumpeter Brae Grimes rose, whilst Dan Pickard and I sat on the rhythm and debated whether a change of chord was permissible in the circumstances. It was, as it turned out. Great experience.

Ruby has lost none of her ability with jazz tunes, and in wowing a crowd. She has promised to return

Madamemoiselle Sonia D

Tres chic, the Parisienne diva returns, with more of her gypsy jazz, french tinged songs and the occasional standard thrown, swinging, in. Meself and Dan Pickard (bass) will accompany her, and there just might be a special surprise appearance by none other than… well, you will have to be there to find out!

Sonia Davoine, at The Laika Bar, this Friday 6th March, from 7.30 – 10.00pm. Allez les enfants!

And What Were We doing in Castlemaine??

I sometimes wonder…

After a brief but decisive Committee meeting, the Captain, Doug Haircut Kuhn and meself retired to the Cumberland Hotel for a cooling draught and a damn fine Jam session. These sessions are starting to grow again, and Ade Ish, Bill Woodfull, Kirsten Boerema, John Adolfus, Geoff Sayers, Barry Gray and a bunch of other musos entertained a goodly crowd.

The Castlemaine sessions are turning out quite different to the Leinster Arms bash – less musos, bigger audience, more of an emphasis on performance rather than joining in. It is pleasing to see them growing again after a few quietish months. Excitement and involvement is building towards the June 5 – 7th Castlemaine Jazz Festival.