Sam’s Famous Organ at The Jam Session

Sam Izzo excelled himself by bringing in his famous Organ, and playing with it all afternoon – mainly in tandem with the piano, as all the bass players had gone to Inverloch.

Under the Capptain’s spritely tutelage, a remarkably fine time was had by all.had by all. Highlights included leaving the Hirsh to an extended drum solo – about three choruses later we sauntered back in – and a cameo from Maria, who came to a jam for the first time in years, dropped several bars on an unsuspecting rhythm section, sang and smiled sweetly, all as you do.

Buddy wandered in, didn’t sing but put himself in  charge of making sure the bar didn’t fall over and propped it admirably for quite a while. Good to see the Budster in fine form. Debbie and Bob entertained as only Debbie and Bob can.

The POCKOTL was there, looking rather spiffing, and hatching a cunning plan to reignite the Facebook Page, which has in the past featured some of the Jammers’ more egregiously disgraceful performances.

The rest? They probably all had a good time in Inverloch., although given the afternoon’s entertainment at the Leinster, it barely seemed worth the petrol.

Toot Toot!

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