Bruce Constable

Bruce Constable

Some Jammer s will already know that Bruce Constable has recently passed away. He was a damn good drummer, and great to play with. We are indebted to his son Dean for the following. Dean is at least  nearly as good a drummer, Harvey is probably going to be even better.

Bruce Constable 1944 – 2015

Bruce was a regular and well loved jammer – coming down from Sydney to play drums at the jams, the Grand Hotel and even the Castlemaine Jazz Festival!

He started playing drums in the early 60’s – musically influenced by the music of Count Basie, Woody Herman, Dave Brubeck and Bill Evans.

Drummers Buddy Rich, Joe Morello, Jack Sperling – all of whom Bruce met – formed the basis for his swing. He joined the NSW Police Band in 1965 at age 21 and became a well-known Sydney club drummer He also played with the Barry Conningham and Ray Price Quartets.

Bruce is survived by his wife, three children and four grandchildren. Son Dean and grandson Harvey both drummers!


  1. My deepest condolences to Bruces’s family and friends…. I was often their while Bruce was playing and I saw the deep connection he had with his family… beautiful to see…. RIP Bruce


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