I wouldn’t have a clue

Sunday Arvo: Jolly Japes at the Juggernaut Arms

As I was in Castlemaine for the day, I can honestly say that I have no idea what was going on at the Leinster Arms last Sunday. It was is quite possible that no-one else had much of an idea either, in which case, normal service was maintained.

Gentleman John Curtis assures me , and I quote, that he was not all there either… or perhaps he just left early, I can’t remember. Whatevah, I am led to believe that Dave Taylor played bass, the Hirsh and Monsieur Sebastien played drums, Bob tickled the occasional ivory, Richard turned up late and played a bit, Ben Stevens got let out for a twang, and Is Don Is Good was there on guitar. Rachel Camerino rocked up for a bit of tonsil work, and Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Cavalry topped it all off in fine style.

The aforementioned Curtis assures me that Jazz was played, which just goes to show you can’t neglect these things for a week without it getting out of hand. Spiffin!

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