More Music than you can Poke a Stick at

The Captain causes chaos at the Luxor, and then does it all again at the Lunatic Soup Lounge

It as been a busy week: Sevil Sabah all class at the Laika on Thursday, Eithne Cunningham getting a huge thumbs up from management on Friday, a noisy session at the Luxor Bar on Saturday, and a fun packed jam session on Sunday.. Doug “Haircut”Kuhn and the Captain even managed the Showbiz Club on the Monday. It all seemed like such a good idea at the time that we are going to do it all again this week.

The Laika Bar: Friday 27th

An instrumental night: featuring Captain Chaos hisself, and Ben the Breeder on guitar, Dan Pickard on his newly restored double bass, and meself in the background. Hmm… could be interesting.

The Cpatina Choas Quartet Laika Bar, 6 Fitzroy St, St Kilda, 7.30 – 9.30, Friday 27th March

The Luxor

This week, the Captain Chaos Quartet will be fronted by Anne Onyerbike Hayres, who will undoubtedly deliver a sophisticated set in front of the usual band of miscreants. Anne’s last set at the Laika was a huge night of fun, with the lady in swinging form, and descending into most unhayreslike giggles from time to time. This time?… Can’t wait!

Anne Hayres 3The Impeccable Anne Hayres and the CCQ,Luxor Bar, 124 Lygon Street, East Brunswick, 6.00 – 8.30pm Saturday 28th March

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival June 5th – June 7th 2015

It will be much easier this year, we thought.

There won’t be nearly as much work this year, we thought

It will be easy, we thought. ……Thunk again.

We now have over 65 bands registered, over 250 musicians, and the ever debonair John Curtis is hand cranking the Babbage at the emergency rate trying to put all that information into his programme. Band registrations close on the 17th April, but really, children, if you want to get your spot in the playpen, you’d better do it now.

I had an enquiry yesterday from Sydney – do they need to buy tickets now – will it sell out?

The answer is we will be establishing a sell out figure once all the venues are finalised (we have sent John Hannah out to find some more…) and last year we got within 40 tickets of closing the box office on Saturday afternoon…

The Ticket Purchase Tab is now open.

Sunday Arvo: Kylie Minogue a no-show

Ho, hum, and rattle. A strange Jam session this one – a good rhythm section ably driven by Doug ”Haircut” Kuhn, a coupla good singers: The Debster, Anne Hayres, Eithne (see below) and The Divine Miss Smith, looking as Smith as ever, but quite divine as well for the time of day; POCKOTL in the house, and Noel, the Captain, Peter Cole and Keef on saxes, Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Horse on guitar, Chico in fine form, as inscrutable as ever, Lisette amazing on keys, Bruce and Christine doing their thing later in the day…

And yet, it never really hit the heights. Avid readers of this august journal will have discerned by now that the drummers have not been mentioned. They were, in the main, a noisy lot for much of the afternoon, so whether any jazz got played is highly debatable. We could all see fingers twitching on the rattly saxy bits, strings plinking away on the basso profundo de stick and geetars, lights glowing on the piano, andtonsils quivering; but quite what was being played, other than drums, remains in large part a mystery. Volume is a poor substitute for musicianship, but you have to run with what you’ve got.

Fun, nevertheless.

See ya this week?

The Laika Bar: Goes a Bit Irish…

The Laika Bar returns to the new normal, after last week’s Grand Prix fuelled swing session with the lad (Steve Rossitto) and the lads (CCQ)

A new singer this week: Eithne Cunningham, from Dublin via Sydney. She comes armed with a great voice (it’s the Guinness, apparently, they bathe in it from the age of 2 and a bit onwards) and a great set of jazz tunes. Doug “Haircut”Kuhn will keep the tempo,

John Calamatta on sax, Captain Chaos will keep the peace, and I will keep trying.

Should be a fun night.

Eithne 1

Eithne, at The Laika Bar, this Friday 20th March, from 7.30 – 10.00pm.

Luxor Bar, Saturday, Angie Strickland and the CCQ try out a new venue

Innovation all round, this week – on Saturday the bubbly Miss Strickland will be fronting the CCQ (the usual suspects plus Spike Kiernan on drums) for a set at the Luxor Bar – in the hope that if it all goes well, we will be setting up a regular Saturday night thing…

Angie S comes off a hot set at the Grampians Jazz, and gets better and better. If you are at a loose end, why not cruise on down and join in?

LUXOR BAR, 124 Lygon Street, Brunswick East, Angie Strickland and The Captain Chaos Quartet playing everything we know, and then some, from 6.30pm onwards, Saturday 21st March


Sam’s Famous Organ at The Jam Session

Sam Izzo excelled himself by bringing in his famous Organ, and playing with it all afternoon – mainly in tandem with the piano, as all the bass players had gone to Inverloch.

Under the Capptain’s spritely tutelage, a remarkably fine time was had by all.had by all. Highlights included leaving the Hirsh to an extended drum solo – about three choruses later we sauntered back in – and a cameo from Maria, who came to a jam for the first time in years, dropped several bars on an unsuspecting rhythm section, sang and smiled sweetly, all as you do.

Buddy wandered in, didn’t sing but put himself in  charge of making sure the bar didn’t fall over and propped it admirably for quite a while. Good to see the Budster in fine form. Debbie and Bob entertained as only Debbie and Bob can.

The POCKOTL was there, looking rather spiffing, and hatching a cunning plan to reignite the Facebook Page, which has in the past featured some of the Jammers’ more egregiously disgraceful performances.

The rest? They probably all had a good time in Inverloch., although given the afternoon’s entertainment at the Leinster, it barely seemed worth the petrol.

Toot Toot!

Rossitto does The Laika Bar

This Friday sees the return of Stephen Rossitto, he of the magnificent voice, etc. etc. Well actually, he is just good fun to gig with, and we are hoping a few Grand Prix types will drop in for a lively night. Kip Dale on the famous Fender, meself on the infamous piano.

Sonia Davoine’s session last week will be a hard act to follow, but we reckon Stephen can do it!

Drop in and say G’day

Stephen Rossitto with the Captain Chaos Quartet at the Laika Bar, Friday 13th Mrch from 7.30pm

Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Horse rides again.

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Uncle Noel has Spots – Tuition spots

Jazz Studies – Individual Tuition.

I have a couple of vacant spots in my teaching schedule which may appeal to dedicated students wishing to pick particular areas for focussed study.

Where? – I teach at the MLC Music Academy, Barkers Road Kew, and the

  • times available – for lessons of duration either 45 or 60 minutes, weekly or fortnightly –  lie between
  • 4.00 p.m and 5.30 p.m Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Subject areas can include:

  • Functional harmony – major and melodic minor scales; cadences
  • Other scale types
  • Improvisation and melodic patterns
  • Jazz articulation and phrasing
  • Piano voicings
  • Ear training.

Interested ??- email me – Noel Matthews –  at

The Newsletter goes a bit off

Some interesting stats – last week’s newsletter broke the record for “hits” in a day – 243 to be precise, from seven different countries. We are currently running at around 1000 hits per month – which makes it a fairly active Blog, according to my marketing colleagues. What a pity we aren’t marketing something. Maybe we are.

If you read the newsletter regularly, (once in a blue moon will do) and have any suggestions for future content, or even would like to contribute an article (review, gossip, upcoming gig, rumour, innuendo, or just plain lies and misrepresentations), then you have come to the right place.

Write it, email it to, sit back and admire your work..

Remember, no-one has ever accused the Newsletter of publishing the facts…


Bruce Constable

Bruce Constable

Some Jammer s will already know that Bruce Constable has recently passed away. He was a damn good drummer, and great to play with. We are indebted to his son Dean for the following. Dean is at least  nearly as good a drummer, Harvey is probably going to be even better.

Bruce Constable 1944 – 2015

Bruce was a regular and well loved jammer – coming down from Sydney to play drums at the jams, the Grand Hotel and even the Castlemaine Jazz Festival!

He started playing drums in the early 60’s – musically influenced by the music of Count Basie, Woody Herman, Dave Brubeck and Bill Evans.

Drummers Buddy Rich, Joe Morello, Jack Sperling – all of whom Bruce met – formed the basis for his swing. He joined the NSW Police Band in 1965 at age 21 and became a well-known Sydney club drummer He also played with the Barry Conningham and Ray Price Quartets.

Bruce is survived by his wife, three children and four grandchildren. Son Dean and grandson Harvey both drummers!