The Sunday Arvo Jam Session

It was just one of those days, really … rolled up well early for once, to be rewarded with the opportunity of plugging in the piano fiddly wirey bits, before retiring to the bar for a refreshing draught, which a fellow needs as he sits back to watch the Captain pull out all the wirey fiddly bits and put them back in their proper holes..

Further amusement was on hand with the total lack of a bass player requiring the pianists (meself and Sam Izzo at that stage) to play bass lines. Luckily, this can be done with the left hand alone, which means we still had the right hand available for interfering with the melodic line…

Which included Ben the banker on his electrified guitar, Ray the original lounge lizard Hood in fine form, and later on, the Captain, the Keef and a few others too humerous to mention. I seem to remember someone playing a green plastic trombone. Young John, who combines a remarkable voice with almost zero knowledge of songs, tried out Summertime, the A Train and a coupla others, before The Debster sailed through songs old and new, Bob played some nice half stride, and a good time was had by all.

By the time I left, the Divine Miss Smith, having shown as delicate a touch as any on the drums, had resorted to singing – not that she needed the practice. I assume the jam descended into its usual shambles, but wouldn’t really know as I had a tram to catch…

Actually enjoyed this one. – but there is nothing new in that.

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