No News is Good News? The Jam Sessions start this Sunday

Avid readers of the Jammers News will have noticed that there has been no news since the 16th December. Avid readers of the Saturday Age will have noticed something similar, but for $3.50 more…

So… it is back to the Leinster Arms, favoured watering hole of the Colliwobble cognoscenti, this Sunday 19th January, for the first Jam Session of 2015. The punters (Front Bar Eight Ball Division) will no doubt be aghast, birds will fall, lifeless but relieved, from the tree out the front, the windows, cheap stained glass renditions of Irish motifs though they be, will rattle and roll, Hortense may be hovering in the background, dreaming of years gone by and opportunities missed, and, if Madge has her way, which she often does, this will be the longest sentence of the year, unless Rotten Ronnie Junior joins forces with the Datsun 120B Boys of Moonee Ponds once more for a night of debauchery followed by a deep and meaningful conversation with a tone deaf Magistrate in the Bairnsdale Working Mens Club and Combination Sessional Assizes.

Which, by the way, was the scene of Madge’s last performance, before the stage collapsed.

Or you could just turn up and blow the tits off your favourite toon.

Captain Chaos has promised to appear. Jazz may be played, but only as an aberration.

4.00pm start.

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