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[Melbourne Jazz Jammers] Hi all, I am a 21 year old guitarist/composer who…

Mitchell Williams

January 15 at 12:39am

Hi all, I am a 21 year old guitarist/composer who is looking to start a jazz group whilst I am living in Melbourne. I am looking for interested parties to help me write, perform, record and realise compositions I have written. I am only interested in originals or possibly very loose interpretations of other material. The sound I am after is extremely contemporary, incorporating influence from progressive/fusion/minimal music/21st century classical etc. On saying that, I will be clear: I’m not interested in free jazz or art-noise at this point, the compositions will be focussed and palatable to most listeners whilst also attempting to push the boundaries of what jazz can be.
I will include a brief list of artists that I am influenced or inspired by. If you or someone you know is interested in any of the below artists please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss further
Tigran Hamasyan, Dawn Of Midi, Kneebody, The Bad Plus, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Jaga Jazzist, Pat Metheny, David Torn, Allan Holdsworth, Charlie Hunter, Ben Monder, Hiromi, The Necks, Nik Bartsch’s Ronin, James Annesley Quartet, Jacam Manricks, Kronos Quartet, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, John Cage, Colin Stetson, Mats/Morgan
Feel free to share this post or tag potentially interested parties below, thanks!

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