An Extraordinary Jam Session – or much the same as usual?

Madge, scourge of Altona West and substitute Lollipop Lady when it suits her, is, as the several readers of this august organ would know, quite the philosopher: and can turn quite reflective after polishing off seven snags, two matelots and a packet of Winnie Blues for breakfast. This habitual start to her day, generally partaken around 4 pm, leaves her in a reflective mood until such time as the sun sets and the roads around Refinery Terrace grow strangely quiet.

It was in such a mood that she remarked only the other day how a Jam Session can, on occasion, reach extraordinary heights of musicality and creativity: taking jazz to another level. She may have been quoting Nietszhe again, but it could have been a head cold.

Extraordinary? The Sunday Arvo Jam could not have been so described: when the usual suspects turned up, tuned up and took to mangling innocent toons with a languid degree of gusto. It went on for, as Hortense might have said had she been there, hours. No heights were scaled.

The guilty parties included The Captain, meself, a tireless Colonel T, Hirsh, Constable, Peter on trumpet, Noel on sax, Marion on recorder (good to see ya!) Ben the Banker, Monsieur Sebastian, Ali, the Debster, Kay De Darwin, Mrs Constable, and quite possibly Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all. Punishments will be awarded later.

Extraordinary? Probably not, but sometimes it is good to celebrate the ordinary, quaff some social lubricant and just have a good time. So we did. And at the end of it, all the bits got put back in the box and nobody left with a burning desire to get to Monday early, so I daresay we will do it again.


The Laika Bar CCQ Sessions

This week, Sevil Sabah and her trio, with a mystery guest trumpeter, will be belting out the ballads and trying out a few new toons – by special request of the Laika, as she is their favourite singer – if you feel like an evening of cocktails, sitting under the palms and watching the world go by, trot on down.

Sevil Sabah, the Laika Bar, 6 Fitzroy Street St Kilda, Friday 30th January, from 7.30pm

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival June 5th – June 7th 2015

The Captain, The Haircut and meself will be joining Brett Willis, Mary Dunne, Rob Hall and young John Hannah for a Committee meeting on Sunday at the Cumberland in Castlemaine. The Band registrations are starting to roll in – got yours sorted yet?

Jam Sessions off to a flying start: toot toot!

Breaking the habits of a lunchtime, I sauntered into the mouldering pile at a reasonable hour.. the jam session just getting started in a desultory way, moths startled from the greasy green inner recesses of the occasional saxaphone, cobwebs on the keys, the drums sulking in the corner, that sort of thing. Even the Captain, returned from his Tasmanian odyssey, struggled to summon a sense of urgency. Summer, the flannelled fools, warm air wafting through the doors, the occasional discarded chart fluttering to the floor. I was thinking I might grab a cold one and sleep it off for a while.

It is good to start the season gently, and we would have done it but for the three trumpeters, Cesar, Casey and Lee de Bendigo, Ben the Banker on the guitar, The Hirsh, Monsieur Sebastien and Spike on drums, Gentleman JC , Kay de Darwin, Moira Oviedo all the way from Bendigo to sing, Lou the floot, Margot from Switzerland on keys, Doug Haircut Kuhn standing ready to swing up a storm, and a bunch of others too humourous to mention..

So it all ended rather well, I cannot remember the last time we had three tootmeisters in attendance, some fine music was played as only the Jammers can, nothing got broken, and much entertainment on offer for the usual amused, bemused, confused and lightly medicated audience.

We might keep doing this….

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival June 5th – June 7th 2015

Band and Musicians Registrations are now open – if you would like to be involved, get your registrations in now – let’s see if we can jam up the Captain’s e-mail again, like we did last week. gets ya there.

The Laika Bar CCQ Sessions

Last week’s session was a quiet one, with barely a soul on Fitzroy Street, and few people in the bar. Kay Young sang, Brae Grimes played cornet brilliantly, Doug and I did the rhythm section thing, and the few that were there enjoyed it. Nevertheless, by 9.30, a cold ale at the George Public Bar beckoned, and then we all went home older but no wiser by ten o’clock.

Fitzroy Street is notoriously quiet in January: it would seem that the denizens of that ‘burb, a sober and reflective lot, have all gone to the beach for the duration. We have decided to skip this week, and return on January 30th. We have a few new singers lined up for Feb, always assuming we can navigate our way round the St Kilda Festival, and Halls Gap – The Fitzstrasse will stay pumping ’til Easter after that, so we shall see, we shall see.

From Jan

Happy New Year everyone!!
WE are kicking off the new year with my band ‘Body and Soul’ !! Hope to see you there !We have some date changes in the next few months due to Festivals and Easter falling on the 1st Friday of the month…so please confirm dates before turning upon the wrong dates !! 🙂 Highlighted in Red

6th Feb  ………Body and Soul (Jazz/Latin/Blues)

13th March…..Kunjani (funky African Fusion)

10th April …….Solead Q with Flamenco dancers !! (WooHooo)

My contact no. is 0411 342 337 for any other info……usual place…usual time !!
Best regards Jan

From Standing Tall

Hello Friends of “Standing Tall”

February will be an exciting month for the band. We play at Dizzy’s Jazz Club (381 Burnley Street, Richmond) on February 10th at 8pm. This will be our second Album Launch. We had such a good time launching our “Live at the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues” CD in December that we have decided to do it again! The CD will be available for a donation of a mere $10. 

We will also be previewing our “Tribute to Freddie Hubbard” set which we are preparing for the Grampians Jazz Festival on the weekend of February 12 -15.

And our regular monthly gig at the Open Studio (204 High Street, Northcote) will not be on the usual third Sunday, but on February 22nd at 4.30pm.

So, plenty of chances to see the band in February. Hope you can make it.

Stan van Hooft​

0437 232 506

No News is Good News? The Jam Sessions start this Sunday

Avid readers of the Jammers News will have noticed that there has been no news since the 16th December. Avid readers of the Saturday Age will have noticed something similar, but for $3.50 more…

So… it is back to the Leinster Arms, favoured watering hole of the Colliwobble cognoscenti, this Sunday 19th January, for the first Jam Session of 2015. The punters (Front Bar Eight Ball Division) will no doubt be aghast, birds will fall, lifeless but relieved, from the tree out the front, the windows, cheap stained glass renditions of Irish motifs though they be, will rattle and roll, Hortense may be hovering in the background, dreaming of years gone by and opportunities missed, and, if Madge has her way, which she often does, this will be the longest sentence of the year, unless Rotten Ronnie Junior joins forces with the Datsun 120B Boys of Moonee Ponds once more for a night of debauchery followed by a deep and meaningful conversation with a tone deaf Magistrate in the Bairnsdale Working Mens Club and Combination Sessional Assizes.

Which, by the way, was the scene of Madge’s last performance, before the stage collapsed.

Or you could just turn up and blow the tits off your favourite toon.

Captain Chaos has promised to appear. Jazz may be played, but only as an aberration.

4.00pm start.

The Laika Bar CCQ Sessions

The Captain Chaos Quartet has failed to send this rather spiffin’ little cocktail bar broke, but it is early days… Actually, there have been some rather good little sessions going on whilst you have been sleeping off the Turkey – swinging little sets from Kay Young, Anne Hayres, and the Divine Miss Smiff, who ruined a perfectly good track record by turning up on time, at the right address and in possession of all her charts and most of her faculties for an outrageously good night.

But I digress: this week, Kay Young will be attempting to maintain some sort of order, despite the best efforts of meself, Doug “Haircut” Kuhn, and the eponymous Captain. Kay is off to Darwin fairly soon, so you might like to turn up, to encourage her to come back, or to make sure she doesn’t. Please yourself, as Hortense is wont to say on a quiet night..

Kay Young and the CCQ, Friday 17th January, 7.30 – 10.00 at the Laika Bar, 6 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

Friday, 16th January – Sevil Sabah with Rory Clark Trio & special guest Simon O’Neal

This Friday also at Dizzys Jazz Club, 381 Burnley Street, Richmond… which is a bit of a step up from Sevil wandering into the Gold Street Gossip Shop two years ago.

The elegant and sultry voice of Sevil Sabah is highlighted by the fresh canvas of flute and guitar over a vibrant rhythm section. With the highly acclaimed Rory Clark Trio & Special Guest Simon O’Neal. Bookings via phone 9428 1233

Start Time:9.00PM Entry Fee: $20/$16