Captain Chaos Fridays at the Laika Bar: The Divine Miss Smith… it had to happen

The Divine Miss Smith

The Divine Miss Smith

Yup, the last CCQ event of the year will feature the Divine Miss Smith, and about time too!

After last Friday’s busy little sesh with the immaculate Mme Sonia Davoine, things are going to turn decidedly quirky: always assuming the Divine Miss Smith doesn’t lose her car keys, turns up only marginally late, and hits a few of those numbers we love.. ably supported by the Captain (sax), meself (piano) and Doug “haircut” Kuhn, with Peter Cole as special guest on sax.

The Laika Bar is turning out to be a bit of a gem – there is a constantly passing parade of Fitzroy Street fashionista, gangsters, wannabes, confused tourists, poseurs and maybe even your good self. Drop in for a wine or even a fabulously expensive cocktail – and say g’day to the Diva

The Divine Miss Smith, Laika Bar, 6 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, from 7.32pm, Friday 19th December.

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