The Last Jam Session of the year: Pre Christmas bash at the Lunatic Soup Lounge

The Annual Jammers pre Christmas bash kicks off in the Gold Street Gossip Shop Atrium at 1.00pm this Sunday December 14th for those jammers desirous of a light luncheon, with what we laughably refer to as music starting shortly thereafter. Piss elegance may not be the order of the day, but you should at least start with good intentions.

You may expect an afternoon of ballad bashing, bossa bungling, standards mangling, interspersed with malicious gossip, slander, outrageous lies and innuendo. There will be a separate room for innuendo. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that a little jazz will be thrown into the mix. In this case, try and keep a straight face, and do not call the Fire Brigade, as it will generally self extinguish in no time at all.

You are encouraged to bring wives, husbands, partners, children and grandparents, but they are not to be eaten before 4.00pm. The whole shebang is expected to descend into a shambles some time after 6.00pm, so there will be plenty of time for those wishing to play.

Feel free to enjoy yourselves, but preferably in private.

Enthusiasm essential, charts a bonus, performance anxiety optional and competence to be well concealed as a kindness to others.

The last Jam of the year – see ya there?

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