The Lunatic Soup Lounge last Sunday: sweet!

Sunday arvo at the Leinster can be a hit or miss affair. After last week’s shenanigans, one could hardly have thought this would turn out to be much at all. And for starters, it wasn’t… but as it turns out, this was about as enjoyable an afternoon as I can remember – the regular crew, ably lead by Captain Chaos himself, all got up and boogied, or sat back and gossiped over the occasional cooling draught, as they are wont to do.

Doug Kuhn, Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Horse, Noel the Sax, Ben Stewart, Is Don Is Good, Monsieur Sebastien, Peter Cole, Kevin the Krooner, Glen (Il Duce to those in the Know), Bob the Piano, Curtis at his debonair  best, the Divine Miss Smith, Ivan Five String Bass, Jason The Hat, trumpets, chord wranglers,  drinkers, gossipers, the lightly medicated and confused… all conspired to produce an afternoon of aural delights that occasionally veered into the dangerous waters of real jazz, but in a good way.

Possible highlights of the afternoon were the Tyro piano player launching into a tune he didn’t know and making a pretty fair fist of it; and that rarest of occasions,  the Captain forgetting to call fours, although the pick of the bunch, for me, was Jason on sax, making the rest of us sound better than we really are. Any time, feel free…

Ya wouldn’t be dead fer quids…



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