Jam Session goes moderately mental, need a week to recover…

Despite unreliable reports to the contrary, the Divine Miss Smith failed to make an entrance on roller skates, clutching a somewhat limp aspidistra. In fact, she stoutly maintains she doesn’t do aspidistras these days, a nugget of information for which we can all be profoundly grateful, especially, I would think,  the aspidistras.

So what happened at this week’s jam? Clearly something has gone wrong, because 25 musicians and singers turned up and boogied the Sunday Arvo away until well past my bed time.

The honours in the opening stoush probably went to the lemonade sipping ageing sheep farmer, whose name, Roger, remains anonymous. Ably supported by the Captain, the Cole, the Ben Stewart on guitar, the Hirsh on drums, Le Sebastien who ruined a perfectly good reputation for consistency by nearly playing something quietly and delicately. Mon dieu, societe is to blame… and driven along nicely by a bass section that included Doug Haircut Kuhn, Ivan the not terrible at all, and Andy Moon amongst others…

A fit looking Colonel T is back from his travels and threw in the customary Pastorius riff to remind us, whilst oscillating between bass and guitar…Nice little cameos from Kevin, Ken from Castlemaine, a bunch of new trumpeters, saxophonists and one slightly nervous rock guitarist who ended up having a ball.

Props to Mercedes for getting up and putting her partner in the shade by singing up a storm, and to  the aforementioned non aspidistra carrying Diva for a late set.

A great afternoon’s entertainment all round, and some damn good music from time to time. The Captain was well chuffed.

See ya this Sunday?


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