The Ludicrous Arms Jam Session; Hortense goes on a diet. Madge doesn’t.

It may have been at last week’s debacle at the West Altona Distressed Gentlefolk’s Bide A Wee Rest Home Meet and Greet (apparently it wasn’t a barbecue after all) that Hortense announced she was going on a diet. After much and morose deliberation she settled on a Vegan. Nobody was more surprised than the Vegan.

It is Madge’s proud boast that she once went on a diet – she ate seven Chiko Rolls in a single session at the Strangled Ferret. As this had no discernible effect, she has since reverted to her more customary nine. Diets are, in her opinion a load of old rubbish.

Which brings me to the Jam Session. Come Sunday Arvo, at the Gold Street Dentistry Emporium and Gossip Shop, several musos were sinking their teeth into the nether parts of a wide variety of toons: starting with a debutant pianist on Tenor Madness, followed by Mercy Mercy Mercy, Boplicity, Equinox and a bunch of Debbie’s bouncy little numbers. All delivered with some panache and no bassist at all until Ivan turned up.

It actually started as a bit of a rough afternoon, but ended up swimmingly , with a surprising number of new faces in the crowd: Ken singing, a trumpeter whose name I forget, saxophonists aplenty, Chico on guitar and Sam on bass towards the end. And speaking of new faces I am not of course referring to Mr Hirsh although he was the pick of the drummers.

In truth, there were only two pianists all afternoon and one of them had very sore hands by the end of it, but a splendid session of ballad mangling, gossip and Carlton Daft.

Summer is upon us. See ya Sunday?


Sunday Arvo Jam Session, The Leinster Arms, Gold Street, Collingwood every Sunday, 4.00 until the Captain Calls it Quits, or about 7.30, whichever comes last…

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