The Leinster Goes Rather Well?

Not that I would know, as I was up at Wang for a bit of ballad mangling. As all Jam sessions are reliably inconsistent, it is quite possible that nothing, something or everything happened, but not necessarily in that order, or indeed, at all. Was Kevin Blaze the pick of the bunch?

It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that the Reverend Kevin ran proceedings, and that an assortment of bass players, guitarists, saxophonists, pianists and singers all conspired to turn the afternoon into a delightful schemozzle. In the key of F, probably.

I rather suspect there were several bum notes played, along with an assortment of unscheduled key changes, altered forms, deafening diminuendos, power cuts, cooling draughts of Carlton Daft, idle but good natured character assassinating gossip from the back bar, and several choruses of Autumn Leaves and/or Summertime – take your pick.

The Jammers have been doing this for 23 years, and the only explanation I can come up with is that they will collectively persist until they get it right. Could take us a while….

See ya this Sunday?

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