Leinster jam runs on its own momentum

Spurning the earlier exhortations of Bishop Hortense, the clergy and congregation gathered for the Sunday rites.
Kevin was grateful to find that Verger Glenn had put out the chalice and plate and that the Captain had arranged the hymn books. Joshua and James (drums) arrived soon after. Then, joined by Noel (sax) and Len (trumpet) and Bruce (trombone), the service commenced, swinging until they cried for Mercy.
Joshua had set aside his trumpet in favour of keys from which he was obliged to coax bass until after 6, when George arrived to properly assume the role, thereby freeing Joshua’s hands for the rest of the night.
More reeds appeared, with Antonello playing whatever was put up and Peter putting up a lot.
Kevin was first to retire (at 5:30), being replaced briefly by Don and then by Ben. Neither Kevin nor Don wanted to follow Ben so he was forced to do penance to the end.
More drums were heard: by the end of the service, we’d had James, Sebastian, Mike and, newcomer, Alex provided some strong rhythms and long solos.
Newcomers, Alex, Bruce and Len have threatened to return, seeming to have enjoyed the kinship (certainly didn’t come from me!).
The Reverend threatened hellfire and damnation for interruptions to the rituals, after which the order of service was followed strictly until the last rites were performed.
And harmony was heightened for, throughout the service, not a word was sung.

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