From Mister TM Hassan esq

Hi Jazz  jammers.
My  Indian  Himalayan   trek  was hard to beat. The  10 nights on the hot,  dirty,dusty ,  crowded, noisy  and  polluted  plains of  N.India were not so much  fun but  now  boredom in  Pakistan( top  12  entrant  in the world’s  top 20  failed states   list )   while  on a  family visit  is  a  new challenge.Pakistan  is a  dystopia      writ  large.
They  have  cut all the trees and  built 10  lane   highways everywhere.In some places  they are  two  level  spaghetti  flyovers that seem to   lead nowhere and  go  on  forever . The air  pollution is the worst  I have  ever  experienced. Worse than  Bangkok , Bangalore  and  Calcutta. Esp. in Lahore. That was overwhelming. It
was  like being  in a  Punjabi  Blade runner city  while being  gassed  in  a  giant  carbon  monoxide  gas  chamber.
Solar  powered  rail transport  is the  way  forward  for  the  6th most  populated  country  on Earth  but they  are  building   giant freeways that  are  for cars  and not  people ,  and  they  are chopping  down  trees like  there is  no tomorrow. In fact  that  is
what the  result  may  end up  being.
I am now counting the day s  until I  fly  out  of here on the  10/11/14. This  could be  my  last  trip  to the ancestral   turf. Who  would come  here  for a  holiday ?  You’d have to   be  crazy   and  a  big on boredom.
I look forward to  playing  music   and  breathing  clean  air  with fellow  jazz jammers  soon.
Don’t take Oz for granted.  Melbourne  is a great  place to live. Plenty  of Trees,  clean  air,  clean  water,   reliable electricity, cultural  life,   secular    diversity,   a  shortage  of  terrorists !!, entertainment. Melb. has it all .
Urban  life  in Pak.  has none of these things at  all.

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