The Reverend Kevin takes over: Society is to Blame

Voracious readers of this tome will be keenly aware that attendance at a Jam Session has never been considered a prerequisite for writing a suitably florid description of proceedings. And that t is often the case that the goose quill is barely sharpened until steam is seen to be emanating from the Esteemed Editor’s nostrils.

Such is the case this week. The Captain hauled a goodly crew of malcontents up to sunny Castlemaine for the first Jazz Festival Committee meeting, and thereafter to the monthly Comma Jam Festival, leaving us, via a discursive attempt at playing Pat Metheny tunes in several wrong tempos. What transpired in Leinster land remains a mystery to us..

We are therefore indebted to Ken Turnbull for the following dispatch, replete with Oxford commas, alliterative excursions, parenthetical enthusiasms and the like ’cause he knows how…

“The Goldilocks Street Festival of Glitter was looking a teeny bit tarnished at the start on October 26. However, with Papa Bear and the other Papa Bear away in the country, the polishing proceeded apace with keyboard and drums provided by Noel and Andrew respectively and very respectably.

Kevin added his fine vocals to the mix (in preparation for Wangaratta), and when Ivan the Terrificable arrived with his five-string double bass, the thing began to swing. “Never seen one of those before, Ivan. Have they been around long?” Harrumph. Only about three centuries.

Which is about as long as your correspondent has been trying to be a jazzman. ‘One Note Samba’ seemed manageable quantity-wise, but half-way through I felt cheated to discover there’s actually more than one.

Following a hastily drafted United Nations resolution, a young woman from Japan sang with great panache. Turns out she’s a trained jazz singer visiting Australia to study English. Bewdy bottler! (Hope that helps her.)

When asked how she got such a big voice from such a small frame, she patted her diaphragm. (I’ll probably get one of those when the transplant procedure improves.)

Next in the mix were Chik with some tasty guitar and a fine young pianist called John, later joined by the tres bon Chris LeBon. Debbie ventured into the vocal vector and crowned her day of diva-esque divertisements with a sweet version of Sweets Edison’s ‘Centrepiece’, backed by Keith’s exemplary exposition of the jazz genre on tenor sax.

By this time a French guitarist called Benjamin had been playing salubrious solos and walking charismatic chords all over the neck, easily beating Charlie Parker’s record of 23 in 12 bars. These young people must emerge from a parallel universe in which everyone has jazz talent. ” KT

And this week, in the absence of the Captain, the sernon will be delivered by The Reverend Kevin!

Sunday Arvo Jam Session, The Leinster Arms, Gold Street, Collingwood every Sunday, 4.00 until Compline, or about 7.30, whichever comes first…

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