From Taariq

Deeg  /Deeng in  nearby  Rajasthan  was   interesting  chiefly  for the  water  palaces and  mughal style   gardens built  in  the  late 1700’s  by  the  Raja  of  Bharatpur.
The   Rajasthani countryside is  hazy  with   dust  and  smoke. The fort  at   Deeng is  crumbling  and  not  anything  amazing compared with  say  the forts  at  Jodhpur  or   Bidar.
I  still  am in Mathura   in U.P.    It  is  hot  , noisy  ,  dusty ,dirty, crazy,   crowded and chaotic  here.I went  to   Vrindavan today  to look  around.   It was  interesting  but  no  cleaner  or less insane  than  anywhere  else  I have been in U.P.  so  far.   There  were  quite  a  few  gora/foreign    hari  krsna  types there wandering around.
I  changed  hotels  from a  souless,  noisy,  incompetent dive  near the train station  to  really  authentic  Raj  era  relic in the  old city   with  1930’s   furniture,   fittings  and  floors run by  efficient , friendly  people. You walk out the door  and  you
are  on the steps/ghats  to the   Yamumna  river. The  meals there are good too .
It  has brightened  my  outlook   on  this  leg of the ” trial  by the  Indian  plains”   trip.
Give  me the    clean,  cool  heights  of  the Indian  Himalaya or  I will just    hike at the Prom.  I am  a  nature  lover and a fitness  fiend   and   I  am   not  getting  any  of  that  here in U.P. The  old  city    and the ghats  are  just  like the   old  narrow lane ways  of the   old city and  ghats  at  Benares,   so this  is a big improvement. It  is   classic  North India. You  watch  can  people  bathing in the  biologically  dead  &  toxic
river   water   as part of their    Religious mumbo  jumbo.
I  am  going  back to  Delhi by train  on Sat. and  taking the train  to  Amritsar on  Sunday. I will  be in Lahore, Pak.  on Monday.
Today  is  Deepwaali  so   it  is  just  triple  crazy  out there  .It  is still   H O T   here!
Vale  Gough  Whitlam .   The last  great    real  Labour  PM  Oz  ever had.

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