Colonel T in despatches

More news from the  Himalaya. Today I am  back on  3 solid  local style   meals a  day  and   have rested today and   feel   ready to  do the trek  tomorrow. The walk is   36  kms over  3 days  and two nights   from 2150 M  up to
the  lake and  mountain  base   at 4000 m  and  back .
I have  walked a lot  above 2000 M elevation  this week  despite  my bad tummy,  &  this  will  be in  my  favour.  I have  hired  two porters and  a  guide and  a  jeep to take us to the trail head tomorrow   and  14 kms  back to  town  on  Sunday   so I  only  have to carry   water, 1kg  trail mix which  I  brought  from home ! and   my  camera and  film. I  was using the  digital camera but  the   battery  has   run out  so I am using  my  film  camera here for the  trek and  henceforth.
It  is really   vast and  spectacular  here   just sitting and/or writing my  travel  diary   or  painting  or  reading on the hotel roof  looking  out  across the  valley at  mountains that are  5500 M+  high.It snowed on the peaks  the  other night so they  now  look great.

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