Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Cavalry

E-mail received from Mr T – on his travels again….

Hello  and   namaste,

Please forgive the  group  email.It  is a bit  perfunctory and shallow but  keeps me in touch with  people while I am  far  from  home. I am  in  NW  India  in the   Himalaya  esp.  with  the  aim  of doing a   trek .I have all my  expedition  gear  with   me   which I
brought  from Australia.

This morning  I   ate  four  tablets at  once  which   are  aimed at knocking the   giardia  gut  parasite  on its  head.The  giardia bug causes  the  eternal  squirts  which  can  really  tax a   man. It  has been   troubling  me since  Sunday at  dawn.

I then  walked  about 12  kms to the next  village  up the  valley along the dusty  broken   road which   hangs  from the  sheer  valley walls  with a   long  drop  down, if the jeep and  bus   drivers make a mistake . One can see  a  ribbon  of  water   at the  bottom  as looking   from a  plane!. It  is  from there at  Hadsa  village  the  trek  to 4000 M to the  lake  starts.

The  mountain  views   are  really   spectacular. Being  only  2200 M up the Ravi   and Budhil  river Valley  floor   ,  from Bharmour town , one  only get peaks of the  eternal snows of the  Himalaya , ice giants  that  exceed 6000 M.

I think  by Thursday   I will   be ready  to do the trek.The trekking firm have their office opposite my  hotel  . .I have not needed to run to the loo  all day   since   I ate those pills.

I  caught  the  bumpy   bus  back  to   Bharmour where I am staying and now I am  typing  this  message to you .
I trust  all is well with you.

All the best


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