The missing bass, and the Captain turns up late wearing a cheap suit

Sunday was a warm day, well fitted for convivial conversation and the occasional healing draught of social lubricant. Or it should have been, when Bob and I sauntered in to the Upper Mid Gold Street Gossip Shop, we were met with… almost nothing.

As in no soloists, no bass player, no charts and not much inspiration. A desultory start to a Jam Session, although when the Captain arrived, noise was soon the order of the day. He wasn’t really wearing a cheap suit, it just gave that appearance. Such is life for the extra 3B reserve saxophones in the Port Phillip Show Band, apparently.

A few phone calls rustled up the prerequisite bass player (Ivan the not Terrible at all) and in no time, or 45 minutes, take your pick, we had started to murder perfectly respectable jazz tunes by the dozen.

Props to Christine Manetta for insisting on singing Cry Me A River in the wrong key, cheerfully expecting the band to transpose without charts. It was a memorable mess, although she did manage to redeem herself by sing Route 66 in the right key, rather well.

Really, there should be more than one trainwreck for the afternoon, but you have to take what you can get.

By the time Ivan had reduced his fingers to a mangled mess, and the rest of us had sat back with the aforementioned soothing draught or three, it became apparent that most of the problems of the world could be solved quite simply, but, on sober reflection, none of us can quite remember how.

So, we will have to start all over again, next week.

Ya wouldn’t be dead fer quids


Sunday Arvo Jam Session, The Leinster Arms, Gold Street, Collingwood every Sunday, 4.00 until the Captain falls over.

The Umbrella Bar:

…continues to be strangely quiet, and continues to be a fun little session. Chris LeBon, Doug Kuhn, meself and Peter the mystery drummer played to a tiny audience, then ignored them and just had a blast.

This week, due to a malfunction in the $73,000,000 computerised booking system that has recently been installed at Bendigo Towers, world headquarters of the Jazz Jammers Newsletter, we will be having a mystery singer, mystery bassist, Paul Phillips on drums, and the Captain making a surprise guest appearance. If anyone turns up, I for one will be gobsmacked, but seeing as the Jammers Newsletter has a regular readership of three, and the other two are busy, you might consider wandering in and saying G’day

The Umbrella Bar: Friday Night Captain Chaos Sessions: 338 – 340 Glenhuntly Road, Friday 24th October from 7.30pm.

St Peter: a Saturday Jam session

Last year, we played a sparkling little set at St Peters Church, Box Hill for their Annual Fete and fundraiser.This was Sevil Sabah’s first real jazz gig, and a goodly crowd piled into the Church to listen. Such was the lack of disappointment that we will be doing it again.

This year Sonia Davoine will be singing, with Doug Kuhn (bass), The Captain in charge, Simon Atkinson on drums, and meself trying to make the piano laugh. It all kicks off at the ungodly hour of 9.30am, and seeing as most readers of the Jammers Newsletter will not have got home by then, you might consider dropping in. Sonia sings a wonderfully diverse set ranging from Gypsy Jazz through Chinese Ballads, to Jazz standards. Meanwhile, St Peter himself may or may not be there, and they sell wonderful jam.

Sonia Davoine swings for the The Spring Fair on Saturday 25th October, from 9.30am until 1pm. at St Peter’s Church 1038 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill.

Chris Le Bon at Box Hill

Inspired by the great traditions of American soul music, jazz and fusion blues. Mauritian born Christian Le Bon has played his repertoire from the great jazz era of the 50’s and 60’s, across the world, from boites in Paris to The Boite in Melbourne.

Date: Friday, 14th November, 2014
Time: Doors open 7:30, Show starts 8pm
Venue: Box Hill Community Arts Centre, 470 Station St, Box Hill, VIC
Cost: $20 – full, $15 – Concession, $10 – under 25’s
Enquiries & bookings: 03 9417 1983

Celestine & Paul – from Marg

Hi guys… I have recently sent some pics I had from long ago of Celestine to Celestines’s son Paul – and he would love to have some more if they are around.

I’m hoping some of the older Dizzy’s mob may have some that I could pass on to Paul and his family – could you please send out a message to all the Jammers when you have time, thanks.


Railway Hotel, Brunswick


Melbourne’s music scene is about to get another jewel in its crown of live music venues when Brunswick’s historic Railway Hotel re-opens its doors in November 2014 after a major refurbishment, revealing its long-hidden original features and an upgraded intimate band room with a new PA, lighting and video system.

With the emphasis on nurturing local talent, the Railway will feature nightly gigs from Wednesdays to Sundays, with live bands, DJs and more, embracing the whole spectrum of music, arts and entertainment that Melbourne is so renowned for

Artists, promoters, labels and booking agents wishing to enquire about gigs, launches or submit concepts should contact the bookers, Paul Allan on 0438 096 425 or or Neil Wedd

Taariq talks to Lord Shiva

My  trek  with two  porters  and  a  guide  to  a  small pond ( Lake Manimahesh ) at  4130 M  in the  Himalayas  was amazing and  challenging. It  sits at the  base of  a  peak  that  is  5656 M  high. The  locals  believe Lord Shiva  lives there. No  one  else could !
I  left  Chamba  in  the  foothills   by  taxi. The mid  range   home stay  in the hills  was very  peaceful and the  ghee  laden food  was cooked with  love  but  too  heavy  for my  constitution. I  took the sleeper train  from  Pathankot  (  1st  class  a/c )  to  Meerut.
I am  speaking  Hindi/Urdu   a  lot.  It  surprises local   people  how  fluent  I am in Hindi   but  I rarely  hear  people  speak  in polite   and  flowery  Urdu.

I am  in  the  smog  sauna   of  Delhi  at the  moment   just passing through   from  the
loud and Chaotic   rural  centre   of   Meerut , [U.P. ] on the way to  Mathura and  Vrindravan(  U.P.).My  train  leaves at  1730 .

Delhi and  U.P   are  really  hard  work  after the  all cool fresh air  ,  long  walks &  laid  back  vibes of    Himachal Pradesh.  It  is  noisy  , hot,polluted and   dog   eat dog  here. It is  not like that in the  Himalayas.Next  time I  go  trekking  in the Himalayas, [ which   never  cease to  strike  me a  peaceful  sense of  awe]  I will not  bother with  “the  plains” again   unless  it  is somewhere laid  back  like parts  of   like  Kerala   are .
I  will   check this  e mail   again  ASAP  and I   will  be back in Delhi  for  one  night on  Oct.25th.I will stay   in Amritsar   for one night  on the  26th  of  Oct.

I  am  heading to Lahore   in  Pakistan  on  the  morning   Monday 27th  of  Oct.
I  hope all is  well with you .
peace be  with ye

Daryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra Mon 27th










The Daryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra – Monday October 27, 8pm at the Apartment. (401 Little Bourke St) 30th anniversary with special guests Rhonda Burchmore (vocals), Wilbur Wilde (sax) and Marcus Wyatt (Trumpet – South Africa). Celebrating 30 years of the Graeme Lyall Orchestra/ Australian Showband/ Daryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra.
Guest performances by past members.

$15 cover charge ($10 students) waived for diners
For more information about the DMJO visit

The Gold Street Tearoomes: scones all round

Spring, it would seem, is on its way – last Sunday being a particularly balmy opportunity for sitting outside the Leinster Arms, historic single storey watering hole to the gentry etc.etc. and watch the birds fall out of the paperbark tree with their wings tightly stuffed in their little birdy ears. Yes, yet again the jam session was in full swing, or perhaps more accurately in full bebop.

Not a huge crowd of musos, but some very good ones, had a fine old time – Gentleman John Curtis led the hymn singing for a while, Hirsh spent a few brief minutes replacing about half of the drum kit before drumming up a storm, the Captain comprehensively murdered When I Look in Your Eyes, having given a chart to the Curtis, thereby fooling said Gentleman into thinking that there was a relationship between the chart and the saxaphone playing that ensued. Then Jason (sax) got up to blow the proverbials off a toon or six in fine style.

Remarkably, there were no singers – at least until the Divine Miss Smiff turned up late (which is quite early by her standards). Doug and Ivan amused themselves playing five and four string basses respectively, Sam Izzo jumped the keys, the Captain, Ali Chico and I think Peter C joined in, Hirsh and Mark (?) traded places at the drums, and the place was fairly rocking by the time I left.

A fine afternoon’s entertainment all round. Normal service will be resumed shortly.



Sunday Arvo Jam Session, The Leinster Arms, Gold Street, Collingwood every Sunday, 4.00 until the Captain runs out of notes

The Umbrella Bar – CCQ on a Friday evening

The Umbrella Bar: Chris LeBon

Chris LeBon will be singing, accompanied by the Captain Chaos Quartet. quite how this will turn out, nobody knows, as (a) we have yet to see a chart from Monsieur C, and (b) I haven’t actually finalised the CCQ lineup – plenty of time…

I am rather looking forward to this one – Chris is a genuine entertainer, and puts his own unique spin on jazz standards. The Umbrella has not been full of late, possibly due to the drought or Hannukah, but Friday nights are always fun.

See ya there?

The Umbrella Bar: Friday Night Captain Chaos Sessions: 338 – 340 Glenhuntly Road, Friday 17th October from 7.30pm.

Colonel T in despatches

More news from the  Himalaya. Today I am  back on  3 solid  local style   meals a  day  and   have rested today and   feel   ready to  do the trek  tomorrow. The walk is   36  kms over  3 days  and two nights   from 2150 M  up to
the  lake and  mountain  base   at 4000 m  and  back .
I have  walked a lot  above 2000 M elevation  this week  despite  my bad tummy,  &  this  will  be in  my  favour.  I have  hired  two porters and  a  guide and  a  jeep to take us to the trail head tomorrow   and  14 kms  back to  town  on  Sunday   so I  only  have to carry   water, 1kg  trail mix which  I  brought  from home ! and   my  camera and  film. I  was using the  digital camera but  the   battery  has   run out  so I am using  my  film  camera here for the  trek and  henceforth.
It  is really   vast and  spectacular  here   just sitting and/or writing my  travel  diary   or  painting  or  reading on the hotel roof  looking  out  across the  valley at  mountains that are  5500 M+  high.It snowed on the peaks  the  other night so they  now  look great.

Get yer Instamatics out… a request from POCKOTL

Hi guys… I have recently sent some pics I had from long ago of Celestine to Celestines’s son Paul – and he would love to have some more if they are around I’m hoping some of the older Dizzy’s mob may have some that I could pass on to Paul and his family – could you please send out a message to all the Jammers when you have time, thanks