Brief plug for MCS Studio, Mike Hirsh’s dream project out in the wild west… well, Albion just off the ringroad

Sevil Sabah recorded there recently. After a first session bedevilled by technical gremlins, we laid down six tracks quick smart, and got the finished product the next week.

Mike occasionally drops in to drum at the jam sessions, which is always fun, as he invariably disassembles the entire drum kit, and has been known to make Sebastien sound quiet. Great drummer to jam with, he was a stalwart of the Sessions way back in the Dizzy’s days (about 350 years ago) and now runs a purpose built (and very sophisticated) recording studio. Ridiculously cheap prices, seriously good equipment.


“Ere, Mike, what does this button do?…”
MCS Recording Studio
Phone:(03) 9312 7391
Mobile:0417 383583

One Comment

  1. MCS is a great recording studio
    the people there are very helpful, knowledgeable and yes very quite cheap….!!!


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