The Sunday Jam Session: Chameleon, Boplicity, the Colonel is not well, and not all the Tonsils go missing

Experience, it is said, is recognising your mistakes when you make them again. A dictum much observed in the breach, you might think, at the Gold Street Tea Rooms, Gossip Shop and Lizard Lounge. Where, should an occasional mistake be made, it is remarked upon more for being occasional than being a mistake.

And where Autumn Leaves keep falling, Summertime is never that far away, and Route 66 is more than a Carlton hairdresser’s score to date.

Much as usual, you might think… and you would be wrong. We didn’t do any of that, but ranged through a ludicrous selection of Bebop toons, somewhat guided by the preferences of Jason (sax), much enriched by the late arrival of Monty (drums) and Chico’s funk guitar, sauced with the manouche of Adam and his five string oppo playing gypsy jazz, torched by Amanda Magrin who sang rather well, I thought, as almost the lone singer, (although Ali filled the breach with some smooth croons), and reduced to Chaos by the Captain, but only when Sebastien (drums) didn’t get there first.

A fine cameo contribution (no Hortense, it is not what you think) contributed by guitarist Ben Stewart (“Boplicity, f**** that was hard”). Keen readers of asterisks may discern that he can’t spell.

And props to Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Cavalry (retd) who played bass until he could play no more, retiring hurt.but sensible at a lateish hour.

Experience, coming round again, and a fine afternoon of, dare I say it, jazz.

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