The Umbrella Bar: Dammit! It was all true!

Last week’s epistle made some rash promises indeed. Imagine my surprise when they all turned out as predicted..This week, a quiz! Prizes will be awarded, natch..,

So, can you give answers to these questions?

· Was the Divine Miss Smiff entertaining:?
· Had Temo tuned the piano?
· Was I there?
· Can you play a square dance on a triangle?

1. Extremely
2. No
3. Yes, with Bob the erudite, and a fleeting Miss Kay: great night!
4. Possibly, but I would rather you didn’t

This week, after her extended tour of Italy, a welcome return from Chelly Parisi. Highly experienced, gorgeous shoes, a string of jazz standards, swing toons and the occasional bossa. All accompanied by Ivan (bass) meself (stage piano if Temo hasn ‘t got the Yamaha tooned) and Justin on sax.

Looking forward to this one – drop in if you are in the neighbourhood, otherwise keep driving, until you are in the neighbourhood…

Chelly Parisi, utterly fabulous, at the Umbrella Bar 338 – 340 Glenhuntly Road, Friday 8th August, 7.30pm – 10pm,

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