The Sunday Jam Session: Old and New Faces: Not only, but also

A surprisingly busy session at the Lunatic Arms last Sunday.with nineteen musos wandering in and stepping up to the plate.

Not many sessions in recent memory have had two piano players called Tina, but this one did – one the ever improving regular jammer Tina, the other being the other Tina, accompanying Lisbeth, who has not sung at a jam session for several weeks (as in, maybe two years?)

Also met up with Jason in a hat, who averred he had not been to a jam for years. It took me a while to figure out we had played in the same band a few years back. Great to see him back , and some beautiful sax playing to boot- he will be playing at The Umbrella Bar this Friday, if you care to join us.

The Captain, as ever, orchestrated the chaos, got the various musos out of order, probably called fours more than once, and bounced around the room ’til 8.00pm

Chelly Parisi sang jazz for the first time in six weeks, didn’t miss a beat, Ivan played some solid bass, Ali did his singing thing (actually we should pay him to keep the Captain away from the microphone), Paul Phillips. Spike, and the raucous Sebastian hit things in the background, and the world traveller Miss Kay Young dropped in from Darwin, whipped the band into some semblance of shape, rashly attempted a funk version of a swing toon, ( I couldn’t believe Curtis would fall for that one) and probably dropped a beat or two along the way – now there is a gal who understands the quintessential features of a jam session

· Timing,
· Tempo,
· Co-ordination,
· Smooth starts and endings
· Synchronicity
· Harmony
· Form

and wisely avoids all of them. Great to see her back.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Colonel T was mysteriously good again. Although he did slip in a little Pastorius from time to time. One time being 5/4 and the other 7/8

I don’t know much about improvisation, I just make it up as I go along…

See yez next week?

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