Sabrina Montgomery at Dizzy’s

We don’t normally provide free advertising unless you have a connection with the Jammers but Sandro was insistent about this singing opportunity. So her she is!

Sabrina Montgomery Have Singing Lessons with world class international Jazz singer Sabrina Montgomery

As an international Songstress Sabrina would like to share professional  vocal techniques to strengthen your voice Whether you are  professional , aspiring to be a professional singer or just enjoy singing. Born in USA , Sabrina’s background is traditional Jazz, Gospel or Soulful Pop and has sung all round the world and is very highly regarded.

Discover the secretes of Many great Jazz Diva’s and other artists including Whitney Houston,  Mariah Carey etc etc develop your voice with European, Classical techniques, Jazz improvisation, Gospel group singing, Harmony. Further
Learn the trade as a recording artist record your favourite song at a professional recording studio. Inclusive  with sabrina’s instruction
Sabrina Montgomery

For more info
Sabrina Montgomery Links.

You go to my Head
I’m a Fool to want you
Nature Boy
Text +971 52 814 4636 or before She arrives on 0413 599 416 to make a booking

Sabrina Fly’s in on the 13th Aug and will be performing at Dizzy’s on the 30th Aug with the Roger Clark quartet

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