The Annual General Meeting of the Mildly Distressed Gentlefolk of the Jazz Persuasion…

…took place, as it does almost every week, in the back bar of the probably not Royal but decidedly ancient Leinster Arms Gossip Shop and Social Lubricant Dispensary. Mostly nothing was discussed and certainly nothing was resolved, as the 6-2-5-1’s kept rolling around.

And what a splendid meeting it was, with several propositions put to the sword, the debonair Curtis at the keys, Brent (Saxaphone) trading licks with the Captain, Mike (long time no C) at the drums, Ali quietly singing, chuckling to himself and playing sax, almost simultaneously, and the wily Colonel T (ret’d) of the Punjab Fourth Light Cavalry playing some neat bass lines, as if to persuade us that he won’t break into All Along the Watchtower at any minute.

Newcomer Gill sang with increasing confidence as the afternoon wore on, Ivan and his monster 5 string bass pulled the rhythm section together and a slightly under the weather Bob nailed a coupla Gershwin’s.

Nothing got broken, nobody died, Collingwood got beaten, again, and a good time was had by all. Not a great Jam Session, but satisfying nonetheless.

I need a lie down. See ya Sunday?


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